David Tutti dos Reis

Born and raised in the sunny city of Lisbon, Portugal, David (commonlu known as Tutti) started taking pictures in is teen days with his first digital camera. The passion for cinema and all moving images was born. After graduating film school in Lisbon he directed is first short-film CANDY RIOT premiering it at Indie Lisboa Film Festival. Since then David as worked as a colorist and post-producer from Lisbon to London for many different projects such as documentaries, features films and music videos.




Motion Mag

DISORDERLY Mag is video disguised as a magazine. It’s physically alive, it moves in front of the eyes, sounds are played along side with the images. Yet no physical interaction is possible, it can’t be paused but the looping is allowed. 

Slicing and cutting the sharpest aspects of either magazines or videos DISORDERLY communicates a vertical aesthetic without leaving out the teaches of the film masters. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 12.51.52.png

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